November 21, 2015
Annual Compact Day Meeting
Marines Memorial Club
San Francisco, CA
PROGRAM:    Our guest speaker was Jeff Moore, the husband of Sequoia Colony member Sally Moore.  The subject of Jeff's presentation was "Benedict Arnold: Patriot to Traitor".  

Benedict Arnold was a general in the Colonial Army during the American Revolution.  He distinguished himself through acts of intelligence and bravery. Jeff told us about this true, yet rather sad story of Benedict Arnold. 

Jeff Moore, our guest speaker.
Recommended reading on the subject of Benedict Arnold.
June 13, 2015
Delancey Street Restaurant
San Francisco, CA
Our guest speaker was Gary Kamiya, acclaimed local author of the recent best selling novel "Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco".  Gary also writes "Portals of the Past", a weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle.  Gary shared stories of early Europeans first encounters with California Indians, that compare and contrast to our ancestors arrival in New England.
California State Governor, Pat Friesen
Deputy Governor North, Jane Ordway Carman
Our Thanksgiving table setting.
San Francisco - Peninsula Colony Governor, 
Jay Ingwalson
Cousins and guests having Thanksgiving together.
Redwood Empire Colony Governor, Sally Johnson
January 23, 2016
Delancey Street Restaurant
San Francisco, CA
Our guest speaker was Colony member and State Deputy Governor North, Jane Ordway Carman.  Jane discussed the wide variety of lineage societies and the requirements for membership.