51 Mayflower Pilgrims had children. Today the estimate is 10 million descendants populate the world. Since the time of it's founding more than 85,000 have established their membership in the Descendants of the Mayflower Society in the United States. 

With current members totaling 27,800 including 2,530 in California, we are endlessly optimistic to find more, and encourage you to research your line that may lead back to the Mayflower passengers. It is our goal to join together people in the San Francisco Bay Area who share this heritage to carry on the memory of our Pilgrim ancestors. Doing this can be fun and a challenge. 

We Welcome You!

The email address for the San Francisco Colony is:

James Alan Ingwalson - Governor

Alexandra Kromelow - Deputy Governor

Elizabeth Riley - Secretary

Nancy Foley - Treasurer

Dianne Sweeny - Historian

Eunice Brabec - Elder

Linda Longley - Delegate