Qualification for membership in the Society requires documented evidence of descent from one or more of the passengers on the Mayflower, on the voyage which terminated at Plymouth, New England, in December 1620. The male passengers who signed the Mayflower Compact, survived and are heads of families are: 

14. Stephen Hopkins
15. John Howland
16. Richard More
17. William Mullins
18. Degory Priest
19. Thomas Rogers
20. Henry Samson
21. George Soule
22. Myles Standish
23. John Tilley
24. Richard Warren
25. William White
26. Edward Winslow

New world-big horizon
Open your eyes and see it's true
New world-across the frightening
Waves of Blue

David Wilcox
1. John Alden
2. Isaac Allerton
3. John Billington
4. William Bradford
5. William Brewster
6. Peter Brown
7. James Chilton
8. Francis Cooke
9. Edward Doty
10. Francis Eaton
11. Moses Fletcher
12. Edward Fuller
13. Dr Samuel Fuller

In addition, qualification for membership in the Society ​has now been extended to all men, women and children passengers who landed and remained at Plymouth. This expands the opportunity to many more potential members.​​ Please contact us if you have an interest in how to apply for membership.